Thursday, March 22, 2012

Todays New Items + Odd New Jamaa Newspaper

Hello jammers!! Sorry I haven't been posting a lot lately! Since it's the 3rd semester, I've been having to do a lot more studying!! :<  (Sorry, that was probably TMI..)
So... This is what came out today as far as items!!

The Underwater Crescent Marble Chair, and Marble Bench!

Odd.. I don't see the underwater sign on them!!

And a new newspaper came out too!!
Well, I wouldn't call it a full new newspaper, because there were only 2 new pages!! :P

Here they are!!

 New underwater den!!

Noo!!! Not monkeys!! :(
(Click the pages to enlarge)

Well, I got a monkey myself actually!! :)

Thanks jammers!!

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