Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Weekend Items!!

Hi jammers!! Good to talk to you again!! This past weekend, these items came out,

Clover Skrit,

It comes in these colors: Light green, dark green, pink, blue, yellow, white, red, and black.

Then there are the Clover Tubes,

Ice Prison,

And Frozen Bush,

It can also be dead and un-frozen

And there's a new name!!

Lucky!! That's a super cute name! ^-^

Thanks jammers!! JAM ON!!! x3



  1. Yello! It's MisterArcticClaw here. Very impressive blog you have! Imma be posting about it on my blog. Mabye you could do the same.? Btw my blog is, and yeah..misterarcticclaw is my username!


    ^ Mac

    1. Ok!! I'll see what I can do MisterArcticClaw! And thank you so much!!


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