Saturday, March 17, 2012

REALLY Weird Glitch!!

Hi jammers....
This SUPER weird glitch happened to me!! I was going to visit my buddy moosab, and I was in her den. I wanted to change to my wolf (because I was my seal at the moment) 'cause she was her wolf.  When I clicked the 'Change Animals' button, this happened!!

(Click picture to get a closer look)

It looks like I have an invisible animal named Princess Orangemountain, and have 9,999,999 dollar castles! It  was really weird!!  When I clicked the 'x' in the corner, it wouldn't let me x out!! So, I had to log out and come back on AJ!!
It was SO WEIRD!! ! :L
Has this happened to you?? Comment below!!


  1. snowy!

    THats soooo radical!
    (BTW this is Wolves900, a.k.a M and Ms, but I'm on a different computer so i have to post as anonymous! Anyway, maybe AJ is giving u a special sneak peak (or its just a wierd glitch).


    1. You also Got Princess OrangeMountain (The real princess of jamaa) On your seal Just To let you Know..

      IM NOT WOLVES900!!!!

  2. Oh Wowza! That's a pretty weird glitch! (This Is Glados135) Well recently i had a very weird trading glitch, where my item they were trading for was just a bunch of buttons! you can check it out a few posts below at


  3. it look cool but i have that glitch 6 times!!!
    P.S serch me up please!


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