Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rare Old Blanket

Hello again jammers!  As some of you may know, there is a rare Old Blanket.  Some people call it a 'Beta Blanket'.  Just so you know, it is not beta! Old Blankets weren't available for awhile after beta testing!  Anyways, it is rare because AJ HQ took it away because, well, I actually don't know why :\
Here it is!

Oh yeah. Did I mention I have one ^-^

Here's what they replaced that with,

They kept the same patch color, only changed the 'background' of it.

Hope it helps jammers, have a great Friday :D


  1. ugh someone said they accept all trades and there was a green blanket on there so i traded them for it and i got it but it turns out it was the wrong one :(

  2. Wow. I wonder why does AJHQ makes it this way..
    They're making MORE people who doesn't know diff. between
    beta and non-beta got scammed! >:(

  3. i once got scammed i thought it was the green "beta" tiara. i didn't see the gem

  4. i got scammed my rare tiara becuz i thought the tiara on the persons trade wuz da beta one



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